Roles, Abilities, and Treasure

This section contains Role descriptions, each Role's learning path, ability names, short descriptions for abilities, and page number references for each ability.

Page numbers with the "D" prefix refer to the ability's location in the Digital Edition of the Game Book, while page numbers with the "P" prefix refer to the ability's location in the physical Game Book.

the fighter

The Fighter charges into battle with a fearsome cry, raising their sword to cleave through enemies. They deftly move between foes, countering their attacks and enduring them when necessary. They rally their comrades, forming unshakable bonds with them.

You can use the Fighter role to play all kinds of martial experts. You can be a stoic knight, a glory-seeking gladiator, a wizened veteran, a meditative pugilist, or a raging berserker.

fighter quick start

Choose these abilities: Counterattack, Wild Attack, Provoke, Intercept, Summon the Blood, and Size Up.

the invoker

The Invoker closes their eyes and utters a mantra, raising their sword in the sky as it ignites in a glorious flame. They peer into the souls of others to divine their intentions and true nature. They ward their friends from harm, and smite those unworthy of their ideals.

The Invoker is a good choice if you want to play a character who channels greater truths to achieve their goals. They can be devout paladins serving a righteous god, oath-keeping warriors, quixotic vigilantes, or dark knights.

invoker quick start

Choose these abilities: Declare, Petition, Soul Gaze, Fiery Avenger, Thunderous Word, and Shield.

the ranger

The Ranger closes their eyes and places their hand on a tree trunk, learning the secrets of the forest. They stop to chat with a local squirrel, making a new friend. They speak myth, earning the favor of strangers.

The Ranger is a great choice for people who want to play a skilled hunter and survivalist who thrives on the fringes of civilization.

quick start

Choose these abilities: Commune, Read the Winds, Speak with Animal, Animal Partner, Track, and Remedy.

the naturalist

The Naturalist whispers to a field of flowers, inspiring them to bloom. They take a wolf's form, streaking across the steppe. With their hands to the sky, they summon a storm, bringing forth nature's wrath.

Play The Naturalist if you want to explore an intimate bond with the wild creatures and raw elemental forces of your world.

quick start

Choose these abilities: Animal Form, Thorn, Freeze, Cloudcall, Wild Aspect, and Command Nature.

the doctor

The Doctor gently touches the arm of an ally, mending their body and spirit. They lean down to examine the dead, discovering what caused their cruel fate. They sense the departed and speak with lost souls.

The Doctor is a good choice for people who want to be the party's healer or someone who plays with the forces of life and death.

quick start

Choose these abilities: Mend, Sleep, Deathsense, Corrupt, Modulate, and Examine the Dead.

the spy

The Spy smiles and offers an uncanny

greeting, walking through the front door with confidence. They slip in and out of the shadows, striking foes when they least expect it. They craft remarkable, bespoke tools that give them an edge in their pursuits.

You should play The Spy if you want to roleplay a supremely skilled character who relies on practical means to achieve their aims. It's a great choice for playing a secret agent or roguish assassin.

quick start

Choose these abilities: Cosmopolitan, Sneak Attack, Strap, Tracker, Persona, and Feather Hook.

the magician

The Magician flicks their wrist, delighting an audience with a parade of illusory animals. They mesmerize an adversary, freezing them in place. They peer beyond the eyes of another, entering their dreams and shaping their reality.

Choose The Magician if you want to use spells that affect the mind and the senses. The role is a great choice for people who want to play a dazzling performer or a devious manipulator.

quick start

Choose these abilities: Magic Tricks, Splitting Image, Magic Eye, Little Bird, Bamboozle, and Scintillate.

the wizard

The Wizard utters a word of power, sending a wave of force that knocks back everything in its path. They imagine an object needed in a pinch, and conjure it from thin air. With a wave of their hand, they open a rift to unexplored dimensions, seeking answers beyond space and time.

You can use The Wizard's dynamic role to play any kind of magic user, from a studious sage seeking spellbooks to a megalomaniacal mage pursuing absolute power.

quick start

Choose these abilities: Magic Strike, Blink, Sense Magic, Speak, Pinch, and Familiar.


Abilities are provided per Role, in the following format:

learning path name Digital pg. xx / Physical pg. xx

(Digital page number / Physical page number)

ability name: Short ability description. [ap cost]

the fighter

dueling Digital pg. 35 / Physical pg. 56

counterattack: Quickly turn the tables on an attacker who makes a mistake.

wild attack: Strike a foe with reckless power.

overpower: Put an enemy in a compromised position. [1 ap]

disarm: Strip a foe of their weapon or take it for yourself.

duel: Compel a nearby creature to fight you in single combat. [1 ap]

tactics Digital pg. 36 / Physical pg. 57

provoke: Draw the attention of a nearby creature by rudely taunting them.

intercept: Rush in to interrupt an attack on someone else. [1 ap]

charge: Violently barrel through anything in your path. [2 ap]

retreat: Provoke nearby creatures to give your allies cover to withdraw. [2 ap]

whirlwind: Become a tornado of martial fury. [2 ap]

camaraderie Digital pg. 37 / Physical pg. 58

summon the blood: Draw the attention of a nearby creature by rudely taunting them. [1 ap]

valiant soliloquy: Give a rousing speech to your allies, inspiring them to overcome the odds. [2 ap]

war story: Earn extra AP by recounting a battle from your past adventures.

marshal: Organize the help of your allies to overcome a test of strength. [1 ap]

bond: Form an unbreakable partnership with one of your party members.

leadership Digital pg. 38 / Physical pg. 59

size up: Evaluate the capabilities and vulnerabilities of a nearby creature.

plan: Prepare your party before combat to ambush your enemies. [3 ap]

recruit: Command a nearby commoner or minion to assist you. [1 ap]

attendant: Permanently call an NPC Fighter into service as your ally and apprentice. [7 ap]

body Digital pg. 39 / Physical pg. 60

technique: Make your body as deadly as common weapons.

flow: Enter a state of intense focus after rolling a Triumph. [1 ap]

yawp: Make a show of bravado to frighten nearby creatures. [1 ap]

focus: You clear your mind, allowing you to surpass your normal limits. [3/4/5 ap]

defy death: If you would die from an enemy's attack, you overcome fate to make a last stand. [4 ap]

legendary Digital pg. 40 / Physical pg. 61

limit break: Achieve a transcendent unity of mind and body to achieve one of three supernatural feats. [7/4/3 ap]

champion: Tales of your heroic deeds have spread widely, unlocking heroic abilities.

steel pact: Form a permanent, extraordinary bond with one of your weapons.

the invoker

invocation Digital pg. 42-43 / Physical pg. 64-65

declare: Profess a reason for intervening in a matter, steeling your resolve.

petition: While regrouping, a petition at the table to receive a boon. [2 ap]

invoke: Leave your worldly body behind to seek answers in a liminal plane of existence. [3 ap]

vow: Permanently bind yourself in service of an ideal. [1 ap]

inquiries Digital pg. 44 / Physical pg. 66

soul gaze: You peer into the eyes of another creature to sense their ideals and flaws. [1 ap]

impression: You brush against a creature, feeling its desires. [1 ap]

evil eye: You close your eyes and sense the worst thing that ever happened nearby. [1 ap]

shadowseek: You project yourself into a shadow plane to seek the location of a creature or object anywhere in the omniverse. [3 ap]

verdicts Digital pg. 45 / Physical pg 67

inspire: You recite a meaningful statement, inspiring an NPC to live up to their ideal. [1 ap]

compel truth: You grip the mind of a nearby creature, forcing it to tell the truth. [1 ap]

forgive: You place a forgiving hand on a creature, relieving their conscience of guilt for a past transgression. [3 ap]

liberate: You channel the weight of your devotion to alleviate an NPC of a character flaw. [4 ap]

wrath Digital pg. 46 / Physical pg. 68

fiery avenger: You speak a phrase of power, igniting your weapon in magical flame. [1 ap]

thunderous word: You speak a word of power that releases a thunderous shockwave. [2 ap]

lawbringer: You raise your hand into the sky and summon a deadly spectral warhammer. [3 ap]

smite: You condemn a creature, engulfing it in radiant flame. [5 ap]

blazing avenger: You permanently enchant a weapon, imbuing it with incredible power. [6 ap]

wards Digital pg. 47 / Physical pg. 69

shield: Summon a magical shield that blocks damage. [1 ap]

sigil: Draw a magic sigil that affects nearby creatures in various ways. [2 ap]

rebuke: You issue a word of power to an attacker, knocking them backward. [1 ap]

oblation: You place your hands on a creature and utter a loving phrase, restoring their hit points. [3 ap]

befizzle: You curse a creature, rendering it unable to use magic. [4 ap]

legendary d 48-49 / p 70-71

wraith: You now enter an ethereal form when at 0 HP.

sacrifice: You bring a creature back from the dead, at a cost to your own soul...

prophecy: You glimpse a creature's fate, shaping its future.

eternity gate: You project yourself past all realities into the beyond to seek and find a single truth. [7 ap]

the ranger

story and song Digital pg. 51 / Physical pg. 74

commune: Invent a local saying to charm information out of a commoner. [1 ap]

folk song: Sing a song that kindles bright, somber, or proud feelings in NPCs nearby. [2 ap]

speak myth: Appeal to a local myth to gain the favor of a commoner and receive a favor. [3 ap]

survivalist Digital pg. 52 / p (\d+)

remedy: Invent a local saying to charm information out of a commoner. [1 ap]

shroud: Sing a song that kindles bright, somber, or proud feelings in NPCs nearby. [2 ap]

signal: Appeal to a local myth to gain the favor of a commoner and receive a favor. [3 ap]

ritual (Digital pg. 52, Physical pg. xx): Appeal to a local myth to gain the favor of a commoner and receive a favor. [3 ap]

pathfinder Digital pg. 53 / Physical pg. 76

read the winds: You sense weather patterns, and can predict the weather in the days ahead. [0/2 ap]

navigate: You can't get lost in wilderness, and you can find a special natural reprieve in times of need. [0/1 ap]

delve: You sense the general layout of the next three areas in an underground structure. [2 ap]

speak with trees: You touch a tree trunk, connecting yourself to the forest. The trees come to your aid. [2 ap]

hunter Digital pg. 54 / Physical pg. 77

track: You can pick up on tracks left nearby and identify the type of creature that left them. [0/1 ap]

farshot: You sharpen your senses to make a ranged attack on a far away target. [1 ap]

deadeye: When you roll a Triumph on a ranged attack, you can disable an enemy's body. [0/3 ap]

stalk: You and your party can stalk tracked prey without it noticing you, setting up an ambush. [0/2 ap]

nemesis (Digital pg. 54, Physical pg. xx): You mark a specific creature you have met before as your nemesis, giving you an advantage against it. [4 ap]

friend Digital pg. 55 / Physical pg. 78

speak with animal: You form a bond with an animal, allowing you to interpret its thoughts and feelings. [1 ap]

animal partner: You bond with a nearby animal who becomes your companion and follows your instructions. [4 ap]

courier: You recruit a nearby animal and send it on a mission to deliver an item. [1 ap]

pair bond: You develop a telepathic bond with your animal partner, allowing you to enter a trance and take over its body. [2 ap]

whisper on the wind: You whisper a message carried by the wind, summoning a flying animal to come to your aid. [4]

legendary Digital pg. 56 / Physical pg. 79

wild celebrity: Wild animals everywhere now sense you as an ally and will not attack you. [0/6 ap]

slayer: You devastate a group of minions in an impressive acrobatic fashion, reducing their numbers by half. [4 ap]

friend of the land: You become the friend of a wilderness region, gaining the control of a natural fortress.

the naturalist

shapeshifter Digital pg. 58 / Physical pg. 82

animal form: You take the form of a wild animal, adopting its shape, senses, and range of motion. [2 ap]

gills: You enchant nearby creatures, allowing them to breathe underwater. [1 ap]

steelsprout: You turn a nearby metal object into a weave of delicate plants. [2 ap]

petrify: You turn the surface of a creature to stone, or encase your own body with a protective shell. [2/2 ap]

shapeshift: A superior version of your Animal Form spell that allows you to become a more powerful animal. [3 ap]

summoner Digital pg. 59 / Physical pg. 83

thorn: You conjure a poisonous thorn and shoot it toward a nearby target.

wild font: You touch a container holding food, water, or oil, causing it to spill an excess of its contents. [1 ap]

evening star: You summon a wisp of light in the sky, casting daylight on a huge area. [2 ap]

aurora: You conjure a dazzling prismatic aurora in the sky that dazzles creatures up to a kilometer away. [5 ap]

echoes of creation: You summon a coterie of magical wisps that restore the hit points of all creatures in your scene. [6 ap]

elementalist Digital pg. 60 / Physical pg. 84

freeze: You blow cool air, creating freezing winds that swirl around a nearby target.

burn: You blow hot air, creating scorching winds that can ignite a target in flame nearby. [0/1 ap]

shock: You call down a bolt of lightning from the sky to strike a target you can see. [4 ap]

fireball: You shape an orb of fire and send it streaking toward a target, where it creates a devastating explosion. [5 ap]

stormcaller Digital pg. 61 / Physical pg. 85

cloudcall: You create a thick fog that rapidly expands around you, concealing the area. [1 ap]

vortex: You create a howling vortex in a body of liquid nearby that can suck in objects and creatures. [2 ap]

gale: You create a ferocious windstorm that kicks up dust and small objects and obscures vision. [3 ap]

riverfury: You whisper a magical incantation to a nearby river, calling forth a torrent of water from upstream. [4 ap]

stormcall: You produce a terrifying storm whose effects you can control while it is active. [2/1/1/3/x ap]

spiritcaller Digital pg. 62 / Physical pg. 86

wild aspect: You harness the aspect of one of three wild creatures, gaining heightened physical capabilities. [1/2/2 ap]

prey sense: You sharpen your senses and can feel a subtle signal when danger is near. [1 ap]

nature's watch: You extend your senses far beyond your normal capabilities, allowing you to detect the hidden and unreal. [3 ap]

ecologist Digital pg. 63 / Physical pg. 87

command nature: You recite a brief poem to the plants around you, causing them to produce an effect. [0/1 ap]

memories of stone: You channel the ancient wisdom of a stone monument, learning important information about your world. [3 ap]

shift season: You manipulate the elements to change the current season everywhere within one kilometer of you. [4 ap]

legendary d 65-66 / p 88-89

nature's wrath: You channel elemental fury, creating one of three natural disasters with an enormous impact on the environment. [7 ap]

wild evolution: Your physical essence becomes permanently intertwined with a chosen animal's form, allowing you to shapeshift at will.

to dust: You sacrifice yourself to become the seed for a new world, creating life across a planet. [3 ap]

world wish: You return a crafted object to nature, instantly reducing it to dust.

the doctor

healing Digital pg. 67 / Physical pg. 92

mend (Digital pg. 67, Physical pg. xx): You gently touch a creature, immediately restoring hit points and mending minor wounds. [1 ap]

relieve (Digital pg. 67, Physical pg. xx): You say something comforting, relieving a creature of anxiety, pain, and discomfort. [1 ap]

heal (Digital pg. 67, Physical pg. xx): You embrace a creature, restoring all of its hit points and curing it of short-term impairments. [2 ap]

restore (Digital pg. 67, Physical pg. xx): You touch a creature, completely restoring it to its normal state. [7 ap]

alteration Digital pg. 68 / Physical pg. 93

sleep: You whisper a brief lullaby, putting any number of nearby commoners to sleep for an hour. [2/x ap]

calcify: You touch a creature, causing its surface to harden and resist damage. [1 ap]

feign death: You place nearby creatures in suspended animation for up to an hour. [3 ap]

reshape: You reshape the facial appearance of a creature, making them look older, younger, or like a completely different person. [4 ap]

lifelink: You entwine the life-force of two creatures, tying their fates together. [4 ap]

necromancy Digital pg. 69 / Physical pg. 94

deathsense: You sense whether any spirit creatures are nearby, and can extend your vision to see them. [0/1/1 ap]

commune with the dead: You reach beyond the living to speak to the dead nearby. [1 ap]

reanimate: You animate a nearby corpse or skeleton, making it your thrall. [1 ap]

reinstate the dead: You touch a living creature and make it the host for a nearby spirit creature. [5/7 ap]

harm Digital pg. 70 / Physical pg. 95

corrupt: You grip a creature and create a necrotizing wound in its flesh.

nox: You give a creature a combination of deleterious effects for the next hour. [1 ap]

afflict: You curse a creature with a terrible affliction that lasts for up to one month. [3 ap]

wither: You cause a creature's body to wither, giving them the experience of advanced age without changing their lifespan. [4 ap]

heartkill You curse the heart of a creature, causing it to explode, or turning it into a time bomb. [6 ap]

perception Digital pg. 71 / Physical pg. 96

modulate: You alter the nature and intensity of a creature's physical sensations for up to an hour. [1 ap]

shape senses: You manipulate a creature's perception of the world for up to a day. [1/2 ap]

false sense: You cause a creature to perceive a specific thing or a category of things falsely. [3 ap]

amnesiate: You touch a creature, erasing its memory for the previous month... or beyond. [4/x ap]

examination Digital pg. 72 / Physical pg. 97

examine the dead: You alter the nature and intensity of a creature's physical sensations for up to an hour. [1 ap]

diagnose: You manipulate a creature's perception of the world for up to a day.

curious case: You cause a creature to perceive a specific thing or a category of things falsely. [3 ap]

legendary d 73 / p 98-99

genesis command: You reverse or accelerate a creature's development, like reverting an adult into a child. [6 ap]

banish: You banish a spirit creature to a random shadow plane. [1/5 ap]

eternal slumber: You place a creature into a permanent and peaceful sleep. [4 ap]

the bitter gift: You bestow a creature with self-awareness, turning it into a person like you. [9 ap]

the spy

charisma Digital pg. 75 / Physical pg. 102

cosmopolitan: Invent a local mannerism to fool commoners about your identity.

silver tongue: Use quick thinking and charm to evade suspicion. [1/1 ap]

don't you know who i am?: Enlist your party members to establish a fantastical ruse about your identity. [1 ap]

termination Digital pg. 76 / Physical pg. 103

sneak attack: Make a quick attack on a foe who is distracted. [1/1/3 ap]

poison: Combine basic goods from a general store to create one of five poisons. [1/2/3/4/6 ap]

death hand: A magic, single-shot hand cannon that uses a silent magic charge to shoot a slug. [3 ap]

bounty: Enlist bounty hunters to pursue and capture or kill a marked target. [5 ap]

concealment Digital pg. 77 / Physical pg. 104

strap: Conceal up to two weapons in your clothing without being noticed.

disguise: Use found objects nearby to create a convincing disguise. [1 ap]

blink pack: A magical messenger pack with a hidden switch that conceals items. [3 ap]

needful hilt: A magic hilt that can morph into a weapon that you imagine when needed.

shadow: A magic cape that makes everything but your shadow invisible. [2 ap]

surveillance Digital pg. 78 / Physical pg. 105

tracker: A magic compass and tag that allows you to track something you put the tag on.

spyglasses: Magic eyeglasses that let you see in the dark and can be upgraded with additional capabilities. [3/4/6 ap]

cloner: A magic amulet that allows you to eavesdrop on a communications device.

seeker: A levitating orb that can scout adjacent rooms for you. [0/1 ap]

stenography Digital pg. 79 / Physical pg. 106

dossier: A magic book that you can use to copy documents.

mimic: A magic pen that guides your hand to create forgeries. [2 ap]

listener: A magic gem that can be activated to record sounds nearby. [1 ap]

crypto: A magic ring that can translate languages and decode secret messages. [3 ap]

infiltration Digital pg. 80 / Physical pg. 107

feather hook: A magical grappling hook that gently glides itself upward like a balloon.

bricolage: Improvise one of four useful devices using everyday objects nearby. [1 ap]

needful key: A magic key that can morph to fit a lock. [2 ap]

blueprint: A magic folio that can reveal the floorplan of a building when pressed on one of its walls. [2 ap]

impersonation Digital pg. 81 / Physical pg. 108

persona: You can carefully prepare a convincing alternate identity. You can create the persona of a commoner, an officer, or an aristocrat. [2/4/6 ap]

legendary Digital pg. 82 / Physical pg. 109

shadow cutter: A wearable magic bracelet that can be stretched to create a hole in solid objects. [3 ap]

the artifice: A small mask that projects an illusion, transforming your image and voice. [2 ap]

nightcrawler: Infiltrate a person's office, encampment, or home to discover sensitive information about them. [4 ap]

the magician

misdirection Digital pg. 84 / Physical pg. 112

magic tricks: Produce a tiny magical effect to surprise, delight, or confuse those around you.

mesmerize: Dazzle a nearby creature with an optical illusion. [1 ap]

overthere: Make a suggestive gesture, redirecting a hostile creature's attention. [1 ap]

mirage: Conjure a major illusion that can be programmed with looping mechanics. [3 ap]

invisibility: Make a creature or object invisible. [3/x ap]

mannequins Digital pg. 85 / Physical pg. 113

splitting image: Produce a tiny magical effect to surprise, delight, or confuse those around you. [1 ap]

phantom menace: Dazzle a nearby creature with an optical illusion. [2 ap]

illusory creature: Make a suggestive gesture, redirecting a hostile creature's attention. [3/4 ap]

clairvoyance Digital pg. 86 / Physical pg. 114

magic eye: You briefly gain the ability to see beyond physical reality. [1 ap]

whisper: You telepathically send a message to a nearby creature, or open a link with them for a conversation. [1 ap]

message: You open a telepathic communication link with a creature, even if you don't know where they are. [1/4 ap]

interpret: You enter the mind of a nearby creature and learn their language. [1 ap]

insight: You gaze into the mind of a creature, learning their most prominent intention. [3 ap]

conjuration Digital pg. 87 / Physical pg. 115

little bird: You summon an illusory bird that keeps watch over an area. [1 ap]

helen's fantastic feast: Summon an elaborate feast that restores the hit points of your guests. [4 ap]

monitor: Summon a small illusory servant that you can direct to scout ahead of you. [2 ap]

shadow haven: Create a secret dwelling in a shadow plane that only you and your friends can access. [5 ap]

mind control Digital pg. 88 / Physical pg. 116

bamboozle: Make a creature mildly confused about a specific subject. [1 ap]

wren's delightful dream: Give a creature a deeply comforting dream that makes them feel beloved and forgiving. [1 ap]

perky profanation: Curse a nearby creature to behave absurdly. [1/4 ap]

fear: Breach the mind of a creature to haunt them with their worst fear. [4 ap]

mayhem Digital pg. 89 / Physical pg. 117

scintillate: Launch a streaking bolt of sparks to harm an enemy or create a harmless firework.

bedazzle: Summon prismatic bolts that can impale and dazzle enemies. [4 ap]

loosen: Create a cascading wave of magic mischief that loosens things that are fastened or tightened. [2 ap]

chaos ball: Summon a small elastic ball that bounces chaotically, shattering small and fragile objects. [3 ap]

legendary d 90-91 / p 118-119

peerless pilot: Conjure a fantastic hot air balloon from another dimension. [5 ap]

control: Dominate the mind of a nearby creature, taking complete control of them. [8 ap]

perfect gift: Glimpse the mind of a creature to summon an emotionally priceless gift for them. [4 ap]

invasion: Enter the dream of a creature to implant an idea in their mind. [5 ap]

the wizard

evocation Digital pg. 93 / Physical pg. 122

magic strike: Shoot a shimmering missile of force from your wand or staff. [0/2 ap]

kindle: Rub your hands together, igniting a target on fire.

clap: Create a thunderous wave of force by clapping your hands. [2 ap]

telekinesis: Move a nearby creature or object using only your mind. [1/x ap]

last light: Channel a blinding beam of light at a target that ignites flammable objects and can melt steel. [3/5 ap]

conjuration Digital pg. 94 / Physical pg. 123

familiar: You summon a tiny spectral creature who becomes your ally. [2 ap]

pegasus cloak: Bestow yourself and nearby creatures with an illusory cloak that allows them to levitate. [3 ap]

force field: Create a paper-thin wall of force that can stop objects from passing through. [3 ap]

conjure: Imagine an object, causing it to appear nearby. [3 ap]

planeshifting Digital pg. 95 / Physical pg. 124

blink: Vanish and reappear somewhere nearby. [1 ap]

gate: Teleport back to a special place you have bound yourself to. [1/3 ap]

portal: Conjure a series of portals that are linked to one another. [3 ap]

dark door: Knock on a door, making it a temporary portal to a shadow plane. [2 ap]

teleport: Snap your fingers, teleporting to any place you choose. [5 ap]

magecraft Digital pg. 96 / Physical pg. 125

no: Neutralize a spell that another creature is casting. [2 ap]

reflect: Produce a counterspell that reflects a spell another creature is casting. [3 ap]

enscroll: Create a Spell Scroll that contains a spell you know. [2 ap]

spellsteal: Glimpse a creature's mind to learn a spell you have observed them casting. [3 ap]

projection Digital pg. 97 / Physical pg. 126

sense magic: Get a tingling feeling in your bones when you're near magic, and discern its nature. [0/1/2 ap]

aura's silvery broadcast: Broadcast a message up to 20 words in length to every creature within one kilometer. [2 ap]

scry: Flash forward in time to glimpse your actions in the near future. [1 ap]

see (Digital pg. 97, Physical pg. xx): See through all magical deceptions for the next hour. [4 ap]

find (Digital pg. 97, Physical pg. xx): Discover the location of an object you have held before, and teleport it to your location. [3/3 ap]

trickery Digital pg. 98 / Physical pg. 127

speak: Speak silently into the mind of a nearby creature. [1 ap]

pinch: Briefly imbue your fingers with supernatural strength. [2 ap]

stretch: Enlarge or shrink a nearby creature or object by up to twice or half its size. [2/4 ap]

undo: Speak a word of power, reversing the fate of a nearby object. [1/2/3/4 ap]

legendary d 99-100 / p 128-129

rift: Summon a magnificent gateway that contains a portal to The Rift. [5 ap]

transcendence: Embark on an incredible quest for knowledge that expands your consciousness far beyond yourself. [5 ap]

planecraft: Conjure a shadow plane and fill it with anything you can imagine. [2/4/6/8 ap]

create: Tap raw magic, converting its energy into a perfectly-crafted object that is real in every way. [5 ap]

end of ability catalog

using abilities

We encourage you to reference and use these abilities in your own remixed roles, whether you're making hybrid roles from the original 8, or creating entirely new roles.

We also encourage using ability references when creating adventures. See the Game Book to learn how you might tempt the players' abilities in a scene or a challenge.



Each item in this game is classified by its rarity — a measure of how special the item is. Use an item's rarity to consider whether it's an appropriate reward for a situation in the story.

uncommon. These items are more valuable and curious than the common goods seen by most people. Consider offering uncommon items as rewards for minor encounters, like defeating a band of minions, or as curiosities traded in the back room of a special store.

Feel free to offer one or more uncommon items each play session.

rare. These are exceptional items of great value that are very difficult to find and often well-guarded. Offer a rare item as a reward for a difficult series of challenges.

It's good to give a rare item to the party once every 2-3 play sessions.

legendary. These are priceless and often unique items of great power, only found in the most remote or guarded places. They are extraordinarily difficult to acquire, and the owners of legendary items will often go to great lengths to protect them.

Offer a legendary item when the players complete a major story arc, or about once every 7-10 play sessions.

supreme. These are items of such incredible power that the consequences of their use ripple through the omniverse. Guides should only grant these items if they want a supreme item's unique features to dramatically change the story.


<x> This is how much damage an item deals when used to attack.

[1] This is the AP activation cost of a treasure item.

The Treasure Catalog list in this resource follows the same reference format as the Ability Catalog:


treasure item name |p|d xx / p xx (Digital Page Number, Physical Page Number): Short treasure description. [ap cost]

treasure catalog


albatross pendant (Digital pg. 133, Physical pg. 176): A magic communication device that delivers headlines from the Albatross Press.

archive (Digital pg. 133, Physical pg. 176): A talking crystal ball that is programmed to recall information stored inside.

atlas incognito (Digital pg. 133, Physical pg. 176): A book of 10 magic stamps that reveals interesting local information.

blink blade (Digital pg. 133, Physical pg. 176): A magic sword that can teleport back to its user's hand. <2>

brell's boat in a box (Digital pg. 133, Physical pg. 176): A small wooden box that can expand into a real, working sloop.

brell's charismatic couture (Digital pg. 133, Physical pg. 176): A line of magical shapeshifting garments that automatically find a perfect fit for their wearer.

brell's limitless ledger (Digital pg. 134, Physical pg. 177): A magical networked codex that duplicates entries from linked journals.

brell's tent in a tin (Digital pg. 134, Physical pg. 177): A magic tin canister that can deploy a large tent.

dim grimoire (Digital pg. 134, Physical pg. 177): A magic notebook that's risky to read, but can provide great benefits.

discretion (Digital pg. 135, Physical pg. 178): A magic scabbard that can make weapons appear invisible.

field monitor (Digital pg. 135, Physical pg. 178): A magic map that can respond to questions and provide useful information.

friend flute (Digital pg. 135, Physical pg. 178): A magic whistle that knows who your friends are.

glitter bomb (Digital pg. 135, Physical pg. 178): A pouch of magic glitter that dispels invisibility.

goat simulator (Digital pg. 135, Physical pg. 178): A magic stuff toy goat that can turn into a life-sized illusory goat.

healing potion (Digital pg. 136, Physical pg. 179): A potion that heals you. What were you expecting?

kiln gauze (Digital pg. 136, Physical pg. 179): A container of magic gauze that can be used to repair broken metal weapons.

light trap (Digital pg. 136, Physical pg. 179): A magic glass orb that can be used like a camera.

lying lyre (Digital pg. 136, Physical pg. 179): A magic lyre that guides its user's hands to produce a beautiful song.

magic potion (Digital pg. 136, Physical pg. 179): A vial filled with magic liquid that has unpredictable effects.

mischievous marbles (Digital pg. 136, Physical pg. 179): A bag of marbles that seeks out creatures to trip.

not a pipe (Digital pg. 137, Physical pg. 180): This is a pipe. When smoked, it creates a thick magical fog.

permanent solution (Digital pg. 137, Physical pg. 180): A small dropper filled with magic liquid that can permanently bond two things together.

portable potent potable probe (Digital pg. 137, Physical pg. 180): A small box with a magic dish that can be used to detect poison.

quiplasher (Digital pg. 137, Physical pg. 180): A sentient magic whip that loves witty one-liners. <3>

ramification (Digital pg. 137, Physical pg. 181): A magic battering ram that can shatter wooden doors.

registrar (Digital pg. 138, Physical pg. 181): A magic book that automatically senses and records the most commonly-used name of a creature that passes nearby.

repeater (Digital pg. 138, Physical pg. 181): A compact magic crossbow. <4>[2 ap]

silvery horn (Digital pg. 138, Physical pg. 181): An enchanted horn that can send messages far and wide. [2 ap]

skycaller amulets (Digital pg. 138, Physical pg. 181): Pairs of magic amulets that allow their owners to communicate with each other.

the catcher (Digital pg. 139, Physical pg. 182): A heavy metal gauntlet that allows the wearer to prevent weapon attacks. [1 ap]

the howdy doodat (Digital pg. 139, Physical pg. 182): A magic candle that detects illusions.

the lagniappe (Digital pg. 139, Physical pg. 182): A weapon with a little extra damage. <3>

the left-handed smoke shifter (Digital pg. 139, Physical pg. 182): A metal rod that sends the bearer on an impossible quest.

the sure shot (Digital pg. 139, Physical pg. 182): A magic bow that guides its user's hand. <2>

tricky ticket (Digital pg. 140, Physical pg. 183): Magic tickets that can transform into forgeries.

untamed magic broom (Digital pg. 140, Physical pg. 183): A flying broom with its own agenda.

the true witness (Digital pg. 140, Physical pg. 183): A set of linked magic glasses that share perspectives.

wraithfire bomb (Digital pg. 140, Physical pg. 183): A dark crystal orb that goes boom. <4>


abdellahi's scepter (Digital pg. 141, Physical pg. 184): A magic scepter that casts a chilling spell. <2>

abyssal brand (Digital pg. 141, Physical pg. 184): An edged weapon forged by a conniving demon. <2>

accursed band (Digital pg. 141, Physical pg. 184): A translucent magic bracelet that can detect spirits.

big belt of strong strength (Digital pg. 141, Physical pg. 184): An unusually large belt that makes you feel unusually strong. [1 ap]

bonebreaker (Digital pg. 141, Physical pg. 184): A giant hammer imbued with magic force that accelerates the weapon as it is swung. <2>

chaos pearls (Digital pg. 141, Physical pg. 184): A bag of luminescent magic pearls that can explode with force.

dawnbringer (Digital pg. 141, Physical pg. 184): A greathammer imbued with radiant light. <2>[2 ap]

death adder (Digital pg. 141, Physical pg. 184): A small magic tally counter that senses nearby deaths. [1 ap]

defiance (Digital pg. 142, Physical pg. 185): A silvered short blade that grants the wielder immunity against mind magic. <2>

draconis (Digital pg. 142, Physical pg. 185): A longsword forged in the flame of a dragon's breath. <2>

dress of many pockets (Digital pg. 142, Physical pg. 185): A magic dress that deceptively appears to have no pockets. It has many.

gideon's shroud (Digital pg. 143, Physical pg. 186): A cloak that makes the wearer undetectable by magic.

lichblade (Digital pg. 143, Physical pg. 186): The weapon of a banished lich that casts a malevolent aura. <2>

masterwork (Digital pg. 143, Physical pg. 186): A weapon of incredible quality that still bears its maker's mark. <3>

needful gift box (Digital pg. 143, Physical pg. 186): A small wooden box that can produce an object of value.

perspicacious pot (Digital pg. 143, Physical pg. 186): A magic pot that can create a recipe.

portal chalk (Digital pg. 144, Physical pg. 187): A stick of chalk that can open a portal.

professor prim's mind exploder (Digital pg. 144, Physical pg. 187): A magic consumable that bestows a new ability.

scintillating wand (Digital pg. 144, Physical pg. 187): A magic wand that fills the wielder with mischievous thoughts.

scrying sphere (Digital pg. 144, Physical pg. 187): A magic crystal ball that gives the user a glimpse at the future.

scion (Digital pg. 144, Physical pg. 187): A magic pincushion that can detect family relations.

serpentine staff (Digital pg. 145, Physical pg. 188): A snakewood staff that can transform into a viper. <2>[1 ap]

spell scroll (Digital pg. 145, Physical pg. 188): A magic scroll enchanted with a spell.

spirit trap (Digital pg. 145, Physical pg. 188): A crystal orb that attracts and traps spirit creatures nearby.

the bouncer (Digital pg. 145, Physical pg. 188): A magic buckler that turns the table on attackers.

the compensator (Digital pg. 145, Physical pg. 188): A broadsword with an envy problem. <2>

the eager edge (Digital pg. 145, Physical pg. 188): A sentient magic sword that loves to be used. <2>

the miracle sponge (Digital pg. 145, Physical pg. 188): A sponge with almost no limit to its thirst.


a magician's key (Digital pg. 146, Physical pg. 189): An obsidian skeleton key that creates a private plane. [5 ap]

ancient ranger's pouch (Digital pg. 146, Physical pg. 189): A pouch filled with seeds that grow into sentient tree creatures.

bane (Digital pg. 146, Physical pg. 189): A magical dagger that tries to charm nearby creatures. <2>

blood pact (Digital pg. 146, Physical pg. 189): A sentient blade that curses whoever picks it up to feel an unquenchable bloodthirst. <4>

cloak of a hundred billion stars (Digital pg. 146, Physical pg. 189): A magic cloak that allows an Invoker to commune with the stars.

conway's comrades (Digital pg. 147, Physical pg. 190): A set of magic toy figurines that can come alive to do battle. [4 ap]

cosmic purse (Digital pg. 147, Physical pg. 190): A magic bag that can hold an unlimited number of items.

creighton's fascinators (Digital pg. 147, Physical pg. 190): A pair of tall black boots that cast an aura of leadership. [5 ap]

echo (Digital pg. 148, Physical pg. 191): A ring that duplicates spells and reflects them.

fable (Digital pg. 148, Physical pg. 191): A weapon handed down through generations that records the deeds of its wielder. <3>

guile (Digital pg. 148, Physical pg. 191): A cameo brooch that can create an illusory visage. [1 ap]

gungrox's coin (Digital pg. 148, Physical pg. 191): A smooth platinum coin that randomize a player's role.

harmony (Digital pg. 148, Physical pg. 192): A weathered wooden lute that seeks music through the omniverse. [5 ap]

harper's haven (Digital pg. 149, Physical pg. 192): A small stone figurine with world-shaking power. [10 ap]

june's blanket (Digital pg. 149, Physical pg. 192): A patchwork blanket that offers love and comfort. [1/4 ap]

lorelai's wand (Digital pg. 149, Physical pg. 192): A magic wand that imbues the wielder with incredible power.

loren's luminous starglass (Digital pg. 150, Physical pg. 192): A magic telescope that carries its wielder through the stars. [3/9 ap]

multivious map (Digital pg. 150, Physical pg. 193): A sentient map of the stars that loves to pontificate about possibility. [1 ap]

nightmare (Digital pg. 150, Physical pg. 193): A greatsword that gives walking nightmares. <3>

prismatic circlet (Digital pg. 150, Physical pg. 193): This crystal crown that projects a major illusion. [3 ap]

resplendent plate (Digital pg. 151, Physical pg. 194): An indomitable breastplate that makes the wearer resistant to attacks.

rebellion (Digital pg. 151, Physical pg. 194): An ancient bronze shield that lights the fires of independence. [4 ap]

shadow (Digital pg. 151, Physical pg. 194): A magic shortblade forged by a malevolent god that reaps souls. <3>

the cosmic cruiser (Digital pg. 151, Physical pg. 194): A magic starship that can travel through space and the omniverse. [3/9 ap]

the toll (Digital pg. 152, Physical pg. 195): An iridescent coin that offers eternal paradise.

unity (Digital pg. 152, Physical pg. 195): A magic pin allowing the wearer to comprehend languages.

vol (Digital pg. 152, Physical pg. 195): A magic spear that can become a bolt of lightning. <3>


conservator's ring (Digital pg. 153, Physical pg. 196): An unimaginably powerful ring that can consume universes. [9 ap]

cosmic forge (Digital pg. 153, Physical pg. 196): An obsidian ring that allows the bearer to conjure any object into existence.

dubbin's dire die (Digital pg. 154, Physical pg. 197): A 20-sided die that bends the fate of nearby creatures. [4 ap]

it whispers to you (Digital pg. 154, Physical pg. 197): A humble ring that bestows a terrible and cursed power.

the hand (Digital pg. 154, Physical pg. 197): A pocketwatch that can travel through time. [3/9 ap]

wish heart (Digital pg. 155, Physical pg. 198): A magic locket that turns wishes into reality.

end of treasure catalog

using treasure

Like abilities, treasure can be used to tempt the players. We encourage you to reference these items to make scenes and narratives more interesting in your adventures.