Character Creation

helping players make characters

We encourage you to remix character creation in Quest and/or create character creation tools. Some creators have already made character generators and other interesting tools that help players through the character creation process. Our character worksheets are very flexible and you can modify them easily to create new types of characters with different blanks to fill.

character worksheets

The Character Profile, Character Worksheet, and Combined Character Profile/Worksheet are open tools under this license. You can find the most recent versions of these documents on Quest's downloads page.

distinctive features


scales, worn scars, iridescent skin, rack of muscles, towering physique, speckled complexion, barrel-sized belly, head of tentacles, generous curves, elongated limbs, bumpy exterior, willowy frame, sculpted hair, stout stature, lived-in body, vestigial tail, webbed fins, rough hide


gaunt face, sharp teeth, fulsome cheeks, large, pointy ears, vestigial antennae, knee-length beard, devastating smile, windswept face, manicured fuzz, ridged forehead, triangular head, timeworn face, romantic eyes, severe jawline, skeptical eyes, radiant smile, burning eyes, heavy brows


long shadow, sleepy mood, sparkling gaze, eternal grimace, bursting energy, an air of mystery, gentle disposition, androgynous vibes, thousand-yard stare, tightly wound energy, brooding presence, friendly demeanor, meandering gaze, graceful posture, captivating grin, raucous laugh, flawless poise, fiery temper



etched leather armor, a billowing jumpsuit, a tightly fitted tunic, religious vestments, nicked chainmail, runes in my hair, a fluttering cape, weathered rags, a layered dress, a warm cloak, an owl pin, a charmed necklace, a ragged headcover, antique eyeglasses, a patterned hijab, a silken eyepatch, fingerless gloves, a quilted jacket, encrusted cuffs, a feathered cap, a boned bodice, a fancy hat, a bronze breastplate, oversized spectacles, a homemade charm, hammered earrings, an ornamented belt, a shining hauberk, an animal brooch, obsidian bracers, a symbol of god, a tarnished ring, a humble tunic


no sense of urgency, an effortless glide, frenzied footwork, a confident step, great difficulty, a reliable pace, wide-swinging arms, a spring in my step, a singular purpose, no sense of space, music in my feet, an uneven gait, a joyful whistle, relentless focus, casual swagger, apprehension, a heavy step, fearlessness



a great metropolis, a remote village, a frontier town, a lonely island, a capital city, a seastead, a remote stronghold, a traveling caravan, a hidden warren, a working farm, a roadside inn, a ship at sea, a place I can't name, a subterranean city, a forgotten nation, a mountain town, a city in the mist, a homestead


their steady pursuit of pleasure, their easygoing temperament, their unhurried sense of time, treating strangers with love, restoring justice to the land, once ruling a vast empire, creating a world wonder, enduring a great tragedy, their neutral rationality, their warm hospitality, a culture of secrecy, non-hierarchical relationships, plainly stating their intentions, their sense of duty to each other , resisting a brutal ruling order, creating historic works of art, strict adherence to the law, their commercial success, setting cultural trends, their traditional ways, inventing the future, losing a great war


order: You have no patience for lawbreakers or people who don't conform to "normal" behavior.

justice: It is your duty to deliver righteousness and fairness in the world.

heroism: You don't stand idly by when someone is in danger.

compassion: You believe people deserve mercy and safety.

generosity: You cherish the opportunity to give to those in need.

pleasure: You seek comfort and joy, and believe people should enjoy being alive.

pragmatism: You value logic and efficiency above other concerns.

honor: You believe in a code, and it's your duty to uphold it.

power: You think those who are strong deserve to make the rules.

salvation: Making yourself and others righteous in the eyes of the true god(s) is the highest calling.

the ends: You don't care what it takes, as long as you get where you're going.


fearful: You shy away from danger and are often the last to act in a confrontation.

megalomaniac: You have delusional fantasies of wealth or power.

idiot: Everyone thinks it's a dumb idea. That's exactly why you do it.

impish: You often crack jokes, make rude gestures, or behave crudely in front of others.

oblivious: You often don't see what's right in front of you, even if it has fangs.

thief: You steal. Everything.

hedonist: Your pursuit of pleasure causes you to ignore more pressing matters.

liar: You tell tall tales and love to deceive people.

reckless: You charge into situations without regard for safety or reason.

wrathful: You are unrestrained in your use of violence and react disproportionately to threats.

vain: You care too deeply about how you are perceived by others and change your behavior to suit them.


returning to my hometown as a renowned hero, freeing myself from a gang that wants me dead, getting revenge on someone who wronged me, finding a corner of the world to make my own, publishing a book that's found in every home, sparking an idea that transforms the world, becoming the greatest scholar in my field, recovering a stolen artifact for my people, stealing from the rich to give to the poor, having my name spoken by my leader, meeting my parents for the first time, spreading my ideal across the land, overturning a corrupt government, producing a timeless work of art, becoming tremendously wealthy, finding the source of eternal life, becoming a leader of my nation, becoming a notorious gambler, making every stranger smile, becoming a master artisan, dying an honorable death, mapping the entire world, meeting the grim reaper, pulling off the big score, traveling to the stars, becoming a celebrity, meeting my god(s), killing my past


lockpicks. A set of 5 lockpicks that can be used to try to bypass doors and other things with simple locks.

magic rope. A 50-foot rope that can automatically coil itself. It can also shrink to the size of a spool of yarn for easy carrying, and expand back to its normal size on its owner's command.

magic flask. A magic flask that automatically replenishes itself with a spirit of your choice. (Choose once.)

magic candle. A powerful candle that can light itself and snuff itself out on its owner's command. It drips wax but never seems to lose any.

kiln gauze. A container of magic gauze that can be used to repair broken metal weapons like swords. When the gauze is wrapped around a severed weapon, it welds the weapon back together in a flash. There is enough gauze in each container to repair one weapon.

friend flute. This is a small magic whistle that knows who your friends are. When you blow in the whistle, only your friends nearby can hear its sound.

skycaller amulets. A pair of magic amulets that allow their owners to communicate with each other at any distance within the same world. When held in the hand, the amulets allow the bearers to communicate with each other telepathically by wishing for the link to be created. Each pair of amulets can only communicate with each other and can only be activated up to three times a day. Each time the link is activated, the wearers may communicate for up to 5 minutes.

brell's tent in a tin. A colorful tin canister that's magically pressurized. When you unlock the canister and set it on the ground, the lid blows off a few moments later, deploying a large magic tent that can fit 30 people. Sound cannot escape the inside of the tent. A switch on the side of the tin teleports the tent back inside and closes the lid.